Game Changer Game Advices for YOU !!!

Many times, I have people from core technical background accepts admin/support role.   
Whatever may be your reason for doing this and all due respect to admin/support jobs, but take one care. Never ever allow your employer to put 'admin' or 'support' word getting added to your Designation on paper.  

 This is what I am trying to explain in this video.    

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Never have 'Support' or 'Admin' word mentioned in your Designation!!!

15 Questions to ask yourself while resigning from Job

Sometime many UT professional take decision of resigning from the current Job in Hurry. You have to be careful about it. 

I have done research and devised 15 questions to yourself. While giving answers to these 15 questions you will have self realization of whether it is right or wrong decision for you. 

Many people gave second thought about their resignation after discussion around these 15 questions.